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my friend ganpati

September 24, 2016

for someone already there, what would be the sense in inviting them in again? nothing, except a desire to be festive and welcoming.

that’s what we did with ganpati this year. brought him in with love and reverence, to yet again be a part of our lives. and to make sure he was kind of around, we bought him in a form that would convert to a tree later. our lovely eco-ganesha.

it was truly awesome. so many snippets.

the preparations the day before — putting together tables and sheets and assorted puja utensils lying in different nooks and corners, the very festive yellow-orange flowers that dotted the entrance and the place he was to occupy, the fun and happiness that seemed to float in even as he was due to come — all blessings.

and then the flurry of activity the night before — getting him from a kind of ‘artists adda’, at the terrace of a chawl where kids chanted ‘ganpati bappa’ as we climbed down the stairs, his active engagement in ensuring abhay got involved, the little little things that didn’t quite turn out as they were meant to — and the overall feeling of ‘it’s ok, all is well with the world and our lives!’

and the stream of friends and loved ones through the 2 days — a great reminder of how blessed we are to have so many of them in our lives! — people just came and added to the whole feel. ina singing lovely ganpati vandanas she had just learnt from her music teacher a day before, usha masi & uncle initiating the first arti — as they have been doing for many important occasions in our life — and meg joining on Skype at 6 am her time in london, friends and cousins laughing and participating, nilima and vijay doing the evening arti, and the next day all our help/ drivers concluding the whole ceremony in the lovely authentic way it is meant to be.

the flow of life. the beauty of rhythm and peace. the wonderful feeling of having come home. the warm feeling of being loved and protected.

ganpati bappa morya.











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